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Title: Memory
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Characters: Kaidoh, Hazue
Rating G
Summary: He'd lost his memory, once.

He'd lost his memory, once.

Kaidoh doesn't know what brings this thought up. He's sittingly idly in a swing while Hazue spins on the whirl with his arms in the air and his ankles hooked around the bars, and the sun is bright enough that he can see circles of light, like afterimages, in the sky.

It's never really bothered him before, but Inui's become standoffish, too aware of his standing as sempai now that he knows that, if only subconsciously, Kaidoh sees him as a teacher, a guardian, before anything that could serve the potential of a closer relationship. He hadn't noticed it through Nationals, but he notices it now, on the days leading to graduation.

If he reaches his memory back to that day, there's nothing there. Only the surge of adrenaline and Ryoma's face - shocked, frightened even, in a way he'd never seen before. He knows that there was time lost between the pain of that moment and the pain of the next - Yuuta's face, his own body cooling after the heat of a game, and Momoshiro blinking dully at his side - but he can't grasp the concept.

He's been told what happened, of course. After Kikumaru had shown an unrivaled amount of glee at hitting Momoshiro over the head to help him recover his memory, they'd all explained to him in grand, dramatic wails about their struggle, but their words hadn't meant anything. He couldn't remember Inui grabbing his arm in the river (an act he was making an awful habit) or his cattish behavior in the clubhouse.

There's simply nothing and his mind refuses to wrap around the idea that he's missing something - might have lost more than that afternoon if he could think of where to look. More than anything, Kaidoh hopes that there aren't other moments, hours, whole afternoons or days that have abandoned him forever. He wonders if he's any different than he used to be, but he can't remember a time when he wasn't a rough-talking, stubborn tennis player.

Kaidoh's hands tighten around the swing's links. He sways as a gusts catches him across the chest, and Hazue yells at him. He looks into the sky, blocks the sun with his fingers, as he moves to help his brother spin faster around the whirl. He's laughing as he pulls himself onto the platform - with a strength he's always had, struggling to reach the peaceful center - and Hazue grins at him, throwing out his arms.

Maybe he's just forgotten.
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