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Three quick Prince of Tennis drabbles before I go to bed. Vocabulary based! W00t. Will transfer them to communities and title/rate/summarize them sometime tomorrow (AKA, when I'm not failing organic chemistry)

1. Immaculate - having no stain or blemish, flawless, without error

His hands were between another boy's thighs. It was both strange and exhilarating. Strange because Kaidoh's thighs were different from his own - more lean muscle than his, dry patches of skin near the knees, and more and more unbearable heat the higher his hands crawled.

Exhilarating because Kaidoh made little sounds as he worked his fist around Kaidoh's erection and because Kaidoh's hands - longer fingers with jagged nails that left marks - worked hard to mimic him.

It was quick and both of them were glad for individual cubicles in which they could shower.

Kaidoh might've wished to forget about it by morning, but Fuji would personally remember the way Kaidoh had effortlessly pressed his lips to the upward slope of Fuji's jaw right before he came.

2. Diapason - the principal foundation stop in the organ extending through the complete range of the instrument; the entire compass of musical tones

Though it was perhaps not immediately apparent to those who were unfamiliar with tennis, Fuji could change the manner of his play at any point of a game without any warning at all. He traditionally defends from the baseline and usually finds no need to move forward when he has at his disposal dependable moves with which to win.

He was also perhaps not fully aware that the same principle stock of a full range of abilities did not extend to the rest of his life. That is to say, he had no freakin' idea what to do when Kaidoh - shyly, blushingly, tentatively - bent to kiss him on the cheek in silent confession.

3. Instauration - restoration after decay, lapse, or dilapidation

Fuji had dealt cleanly with Eiji's sudden, unplanned parties and Oishi's subsequent apologies (along with his quite serious, straightforward concern). He sidestepped altogether Inui's questioning, and Kawamura's murmured suggestion that he get some wasabi sushi after practice was met with a quiet denial. The very thought that he was having trouble dealing with loss was ludicrous!

And maybe he was, he thought with a huff, but then: who wouldn't when everyone was acting like it was such a big deal? And so what if he couldn't bear to look at his racket without remembering that moment of realization? So what, if he couldn't think of stepping on a court without feeling his body shake! Things like this took time, right?

If he blinked back to awareness when Kaidoh threw his tennis bag down next to Fuji's feet, that wasn't a problem. If he felt nervous under Kaidoh's (suddenly critical, suddenly appraising) gaze, the feeling would fade with time. If he felt grateful that Kaidoh's first words as he spun his racket within his palm were 'Get on the court' instead of 'get over it,' he wasn't going to say it.

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