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Title: Intermediate Solutions (the missing section of Solutions)
Theme: Alcohol
Pair: Fuji/Kaidoh Kaidoh/Fuji

The night is pleasant. A cool breeze wraps around Fuji and eases the heat of drinking. He's feeling nicely languid, but Kaidoh's still sitting ramrod straight. Fuji's this close to certain that the other guy really and truly has a stick up his ass. Another bottle split between he and Kaidoh could go a long way in getting the both of them more comfortable.

Still, there's potential to be had. Though Kaidoh only grudgingly lets the bottle tip over his glass every time, his eyes light at each slosh. When he tilts his head back and swallows a mouthful of rich liquid, Kaidoh doesn't wince at the taste or the burn.

"Kaidoh-kun drinks like an old man," Fuji murmurs from where he watches on the other side of the table, elbows perched and sliding closer to the middle as the night wears on. "It's unexpected."

Setting his glass down lightly - still in control of every nuance of his body even though they're well through their second bottle of rum already - Kaidoh smiles and licks the remaining alcohol from his lips. "I've been doing this kind of thing with my father since I was ten," he confesses. "That's eight years, Fuji-sempai. Nothing you've got in that cabinet's going to do too much damage."

"Impressive," Fuji whistles before scooting toward the cabinet with a hidden grin. "That sounds like a challenge, though."

"I wouldn't if I were you," Kaidoh warns from over Fuji's shoulder, suddenly close, and his words ghost hot air over Fuji's cheek, carrying the scent of warm rum.

Fuji glances back with an upset look. "I heard you the first time," Fuji says firmly and reaches for a tall bottle near the back, "and I'll continue to ignore you." Once attained, the bottle gets waved in Kaidoh's face. "Had this before?"

Kaidoh's mouth twists a little. "No," he admits - reluctant still as he peers at the label and settles back into his seat. "And I'm not sure I want to at one hundred ninety proof."

Fuji shrugs as he distributes a shallow amount into either of their glasses. "It is pretty disgusting," he agrees, "but a challenge is a challenge."

Sighing, Kaidoh reaches for the drink - grimacing at the smell, making a full expression at the taste when all his previous drinks had barely managed a response - and scowls. He eyes the bottoms of his glass with undisguised wariness. Then - Fuji has to concentrate to make sure he doesn't hear a stick breaking - he bends toward the table.

"Your father, huh?"


It's really satisfying to be able to trick Kaidoh into drinking twice as often as him. It's almost as satisfying as finally seeing Mr. "I've been drinking since I was ten" finally show evidence of being drunk. Fuji leers at the way Kaidoh's cheeks glow above a lazy smile. Kaidoh's fingers are lax around his glass and every so often, they'll rise to his mouth to be tasted.

"So..." Fuji braces his chin on his palm. "This warning you keep giving me." He searches his memory for the muttered words of earlier: "Well fucked in the morning, I believe it was."

Kaidoh laughs softly. "I was wondering when you'd ask." Again, those fingers touch Kaidoh's lips and a pink tongue peeks out to taste it. His gaze drops. "Mm, I suppose I can tell you since you'll find out soon anyway."

And suddenly - to Fuji's tipsy senses - Kaidoh's fingers slip into his mouth. Kaidoh sucks on his own fingers - dark skin disappearing into a reddened mouth - and groans. The sound startles Fuji into speaking:


Eyes that have always been dark glance up. A pink tongue shows between his fingers.

"Whenever I drink, the heat gets to me," Kaidoh whispers as his hand falls - not to his glass, but past the edge of table where Fuji can't see, "and I want. When I was ten, I just had dreams."

Fuji hears a zipper - the light crack of teeth sounding loud - and beneath Kaidoh's hitching breath, the slick sounds of Kaidoh's wet fingers finding a similar situation. It's more than Fuji had hoped for - more than Kaidoh being some giggly happy-drunk, better than Kaidoh not remembering confessing closeted secrets.

It's everything because Kaidoh's bending closer to the table, crumbling as he touches himself. Because even as he does so - as he chokes and sighs with each stroke - his eyes are firm on Fuji, and his gaze is full of wicked intent.

"And now?" Fuji questions, daring to lean closer.

One of Kaidoh's hands reaches for his collar, catches Fuji and drags them together in a mesh of lips and teeth and hot, hot breath. Fuji thinks it's wonderful - that it's better than wonderful - and opens his mouth for more. Kaidoh groans again before their tongues meet, dueling eagerly.

"Now," Kaidoh says, fingers cradling the curve of Fuji's neck... His lashes flutter briefly as his other hand picks up pace. "Now, I know what I want."

The urge to tease is irresistible. "And if you don't get it?"

Kaidoh appears unconcerned. "Then, I'll dream."

When they kiss again, Kaidoh's breath catches. Fuji imagines that he could keep Kaidoh from remembering to breathe all night if he wanted and that the touch of their mouths could have the other teen coming over his living room floor. And even if, come morning, the entire evening feels like a dream, Fuji knows that he'll just wake Kaidoh and do it all over again - stone sober so that they'll both remember it with perfect, crystalline clarity - just to make sure that the bruises he's getting really are from Kaidoh's fingers holding him to the table as he shoves his tongue between Fuji's cheeks.

It's not perfect. While Kaidoh's touch is enough to make him whimper and thrust backward, Fuji's mind is caught up in the idea of - what if someone else had caught Kaidoh this evening, if anyone else with the intent and knowledge could be enjoying the feel of callused fingers stretching them and gently seeking? The thoughts make him angry. The burn of jealousy matches the slow burn of Kaidoh's entry; it's the possessiveness that lights fire in his veins and makes Fuji cry out.

Fuji wants - more than anything at this moment - to have Kaidoh's weakness belong solely to him. He wants this knowledge to selfishly exploit, so that he can have this gentle claiming for himself. Kaidoh's teeth nip at the back of his shoulder, persistently bringing blood to the surface until Fuji's skin blossoms into a dark red.

"More," Fuji demands, rocking back as he turns and reaches for Kaidoh's face.

The kiss is sloppy, wet; Fuji can taste the alcohol that lingers on Kaidoh's tongue. He gasps when Kaidoh chooses to move - "Oh, yes... yes, that's it," - rejoices in the way Kaidoh trembles above him, as if every slow thrust is something new and fascinating. Fuji lifts his hips and Kaidoh falls into him with a choked moan.


Liquid is tipped over Fuji's back - room temperature, but still chill compared to the burn that Kaidoh's inspiring - and Kaidoh's tongue follows it, lapping up that one-ninety proof with the taste of Fuji's skin before hissing out his pleasure.

Fuji whimpers, feeling the liquid warmth of Kaidoh's passion filling him even as he longs for his own completion. He murmurs words ("Please, don't stop, please-") as Kaidoh slips from him. He makes sounds of complaint as Kaidoh turns him around, but they're all strangled into silence when Kaidoh's exhales find the straining curve of his erection. After breath, come lips; after lips, come tongue. And it's easy - with Kaidoh suckling and drinking in Fuji's want as swiftly and greedily as he's been taking in Fuji's alcohol - for Fuji to surrender.


"'S good," Kaidoh murmurs as he nuzzles close to Fuji's softening cock, inhaling deep his treasured scent. "Better 'n dreams..."

"You realize," Fuji whispers as he presses himself into Kaidoh's lap from his perch on the table, "you'll never be rid of me now?"

"Mm," is the agreeable reply. "Good. Or else I let you get me drunk for nothing."

Remembering the reluctance he's been fighting to break all evening, Fuji pinches Kaidoh sharply. Jerking up with a yelp, Kaidoh's right back to scowling at him, demanding explanation with his eyes.

"You've been planning this from the beginning!" Fuji says. "That story about drinking since you were ten and wet dreams and knowing what you want - it was all lies, right?"

"No, it's all true," Kaidoh corrects and Fuji is irritated to see a smirk tugging at his lips. "The dreams have only found a focus lately," he explains while bending a kiss to Fuji's wrist. "Anything else?"

"The warnings?"

Kaidoh's tongue find the shallow hollow at the base of Fuji's palm. "To make sure you were ... agreeable to any proposition I might make while I was drunk."

"And this?" Fuji asks, wiggling in Kaidoh's lap. "Can you do it sober?"

Kaidoh shrugs, more interested in tracing patterns inside Fuji's elbow than paying attention. "Most likely. I don't know."

"How can you not know?" Fuji cries.

Kaidoh laughs and tries smothering it with his hand. "Easy," he answers. "You're my first."

"But you've gotten drunk with others before!"

"I've gotten drunk with my dad before," Kaidoh feels he needs to point out. "Doesn't mean I'll sleep with anyone I drink with. Fuji-sempai is a most welcome exception."

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