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Title: Breadth (sequel to Embrace)
Rating: G
Characters: Fuji, Kaidoh

Kaidoh is ambling behind a group of his peers, his back sloped to hide his towering height, when Fuji spots him. Fuji bites his lower lip, thinking about how huge that back had seemed when his hands had been looping over it - how it had seemed as broad as a mountain, how it had seemed to cover him...

Fuji had his arms around Kaidoh's waist in a second, and he buried his face against the slope of Kaidoh's back.

"Sempai," Kaidoh murmured and Fuji felt the vibrations of the words before the heat of Kaidoh's hands covering his. "Do you need something?"

"No," he said, thankful at how truthful it really was. "Just this." And he snuggled closer for a second before letting Kaidoh go.

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Title: Rings
Rating: G
Summary: His sister used to tell him stories, tales of true love that lingered in his dreams.

Fuji's never been prone to believing in superstitions. He knows them well enough to tell good ghost stories during Halloween and get a good fright out of his younger cousins. Even so, he sometimes lingers just within the campus gates on the first day of school to hear the bells ringing in the start of the day, and waits.

"When you meet the one you're destined to be with," his sister said, voice lingering in the strands of his hair, "you'll hear the tolling of a bell."

He had hoped, previously, that he would hear the sound of a bell upon meeting Tezuka. With him, however, there was only the sound of rackets and tennis balls and the frustrated need to be defeated and to know the pain of loss.

So, now he waits. Quiet. Patient. Feeling the breeze kick up at his heels and sweep through his hair. Hearing the sound of last minute students skidding in past the closing entrance as the last bell rings - a grunt as one lands after jumping the gate.

Then, he's jostled, unexpectedly.

"Excuse me, sempai."

And Fuji's straightened back just as quickly. He meets, briefly, eyes like the night sky, and though it's his ears echoing the last of the school bells in his head, he hears the call of destiny.
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