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Title: Solutions
Prompt: Alcohol
Pair: Fuji/Kaidoh Kaidoh/Fuji

Fuji has always thought of Kaidoh as an uptight boy, who was well in need of a good, solid fight... or a good, solid drink. He was in no mood to pick a fight with Kaidoh - and even if he was, Fuji was sure that Kaidoh would back down and let him win anyway, since it's not like they were on the courts - so alcohol is his last resort. As he expects, Kaidoh's hesitancy shows when Fuji brings out a bottle of rum from the family cabinet.

"Drink with me, will you?" Fuji asks, ensuring that Kaidoh's disinclination toward alcohol will be outweighed by the obligation of being a good guest. "I think we both could use it."

Kaidoh accepts the glass - no ice - with a half-cautious look at Fuji as the tensai tosses back the liquid with only a slight tightening around his eyes. "It's not good to be able to drink this so well," he says.

"I'm sure that once in a while won't kill me," Fuji replies. "I'm sure it won't kill you either."

"Hn." And then Kaidoh takes a shallow sip of his drink. Fuji's grin goads him. "I'm going to say this now, so that you remember it later: you're gonna regret this," he says before mimicking Fuji's style of drinking by throwing back the remainder of his glass.

"I highly doubt it."

"I'm different when I drink."

"God, I hope so."

Fuji's a little distracted - by the soft smile he's previously only seen directed at Inui or, at odd moments, Ryoma - that he's not quite listening when Kaidoh replies: "Just don't say I didn't warn you when you wake up well fucked in the morning."

Come morning, Fuji doesn't complain. After all, he did say he wouldn't regret it.


Want to know the in-between? It's written!
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