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Title: Sand
Pair: Kikumaru/Kaidoh
Rating: PG
Summary: A day at the beach.
It's too bad Kikumaru doesn't top nearly as often as he should.

Kaidoh was asleep on the beach and covered in sand. It was hard to believe that such a diligent person would risk a sunburn for a quick nap, but Kaidoh apparently found sleep easily and soundly for he hadn't even noticed being half-covered in sand by his little brother and his pack of miniature marauders.

The mischievous urge to wake Kaidoh up with a bucket of sea water was too much for Kikumaru to handle. Soon, he was dumping the whole lot of it over Kaidoh's bare and browning chest. Kaidoh woke with an immediate scowl then a slight expression of surprise.

"Hazue!" he shouted immediately with surprising strength. "You little bastard, I'm gonna kill you! I don't care what Mom says!"

A distant cry responded: "That's what you get for sleeping, stupid aniki!" along with a collection of jeers and hollers.

It was inappropriate to laugh, but Kikumaru did so anyway, while some part of his mind - the part that recognized he hadn't had any in a good long while - admired the projection of his voice (a captain's voice, certainly) as well as the angry, stubborn collection of sand around Kaidoh's legs and waist and torso (a captain's body, too).

Kikumaru contemplated for a moment the idea of jerking Kaidoh off under the guise of helping him get rid of that remaining sand (beneath the umbrella, away from the glaring heat of the sun, with everyone around them - and Kaidoh would complain and fight back until the moment he came).

It'd be so satisfying to do it, just have Oishi's jealousy simmering from a distance - that wanting forcing Oishi's eyes to remain, his brightly burning desire heating Kikumaru's back - or to have Fuji watching, pleased and angry, with a tight smile and a calm suggestion of what Kikumaru should do with his hands to make Kaidoh gasp and groan beneath his sandy touch.

Kikumaru sighed at the missed opportunity as he watched Kaidoh dust off what remained of his half-burial and pull a face as he touched the top of the swimming trunks. Kaidoh glanced longingly at the water.

"Go ahead," Kikumaru said, teasingly as he gestured toward the sea. "I won't tell anyone."
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