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Title: So You Wanna...
Genre: Slash, Romance/Fluff, General
Rating: PG(-13ish)
Fandom: Animorph
Characters: Marco, Ax, OCs that don't really bear mentioning
Summary: It's a sort of sequel to Welcome Home - which is rated NC-17, so don't click unless you want it - that popped into my head. Before going to meet the President, Ax is reluctantly teaching human cadets how to morph and Marco sorta takes over the class for fun. Because Ax gets moody, Marco cheers him up with something to look forward to.
Author Notes: I've been reading so much SG-1 fics that I think Marco and Ax have become my new Jack and Daniel. Gah! Dialogue feels very SG-1 to me, so if you read this, tell me if the speaking seems off to you.
Beta'd by: Felinephoenix (Changed 'Sandrasi' to 'Sangretti' because that name is better, Marco is no longer a smoker, and now that last convo is in a whisper. May fix the abruptness of the ending... that'll probably lead to another sequel, won't it? Natch.)

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Title: Welcome Home
Genre: General, Angst, Characterization, Romance and eventual Smut, Slash
Rating: Adult
Fandom: Animorphs
Characters: Marco, Ax
Dedication: Georgia (aka Felinephoenix, Jinako-chan, etc) - I hope this works!

Author Notes: There may be OOCness (especially in their manner of speak - please try to ignore/accept it) since I haven't read many of the Animorphs books, but I blame it on how I see Marco and Ax's post-53 selves. I'm avoiding most of the last book like a plague. The One does not exist. I killed him/her/it/wtf.

Edit: This started out as a "hey, Ax, you're back on earth, why don't you stay at my house and we can get smutty on my sofa in the meantime" but it turned out more serious than that. Now, it's an actual story. :sigh: It's sooo much longer than I intended it to be, but... that's the way it goes.

Also, Marco doesn't seem to have any issues with his gayness. No doubting or self-questioning, nuthin'. It doesn't seem to fit here and it'd probably make this super-long one shot into a multichapter fic. I assume that he's gotten used to the whole thing while Ax was gone for a year.

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