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This was supposed to be finished ages ago and I can't believe that it's turned out so short after all. In any case, "More Solid than Steel" is a bit of a sequel to [personal profile] oopsikilledthedinosaurs's "Tezuka is not a Robot" fic, which was faintly TezuAto (while remaining pleasantly gen), so I decided to bring Kabaji into the picture. See what turns out...

More Solid Than Steel
Rating: G
In which Atobe discovers that humans are better than robots.

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Title: Breadth (sequel to Embrace)
Rating: G
Characters: Fuji, Kaidoh

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Title: Rings
Rating: G
Summary: His sister used to tell him stories, tales of true love that lingered in his dreams.

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Three quick Prince of Tennis drabbles before I go to bed. Vocabulary based! W00t. Will transfer them to communities and title/rate/summarize them sometime tomorrow (AKA, when I'm not failing organic chemistry)

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Happy New Year~! Some FujiKai drabbles for you all.

Titles: Five Vocabulary Drabbles: Varied
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Characters: mostly Kaidoh-centric, with some FujiKai
Rating: various
Summary: No set universe or time line. No continuity between drabbles. Themed by my Webster's Word of the Day emails. All on or around 100 words each.

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The productivity of the last couple days just goes to show that I will not get enough studying done for my finals after the break. Bloody wonderful.

Title: Fortnight (Alt Title: Making Room for More)
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Characters/Pairing: Fuji x Kaidoh, Ryoma
Rating: G
Summary: The rest of the world finds out. So long as the rest of the world means Ryoma.
x-posted to: this community
Apartment series: Ten Days || Figure || Fortnight || Corrective Measures

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Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Pairing: Fuji Syuusuke x Kaidoh Kaoru
Theme set: Alpha from [ profile] 1sentence
Rating: G - PG
Notes: Pre-anime
Also posted: here and here

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Terrifying news of the moment: I got my dad an LJ so that he could talk about his solar cooker on the WWW.

Ahaha, so much for doing a whole bunch of writing. I've been properly distracted by anime. XD Nonetheless, I managed to get this out for Loveless, instead of PoT as I'd originally intended.

Title: Burning Bright
Rating: G
Genre: General, Romance
Summary: Sometimes, he would like to know that he's wanted.

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I actually posted this a while back in lyzz's journal. This is a little drabble for an anime I've gotten into recently: Ohran High School Host Club. It's safe for anyone to read, even you non-slashy people, since it is... of all things.... het-gen.

Sometimes A Rose )


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