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Title: Conventions are for the Weak
Rating: R
Pair: FujiKai
Summary: Kaidoh has an... interesting imagination.

Indulgence in practice )
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From Tohshi's journal again. Only modded because that makes it better.

Title: Animal Instinct
Rating: light R
Characters: Oishi, Kaidoh
Summary: Oishi breaks up a fight between Momoshiro and Kaidoh with unexpected results and does his best to make sure fights never happen again.

the road less traveled is usually the hardest because of the animals that wait on its edges )
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GUH. I'm so glad that finals are over. Now I have a WHOLE WEEKEND to get some FujiKai written before I start my winter class.

Title: Corrective Measures
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Characters/Pairing: Fuji x Kaidoh, Tezuka mentioned
Rating: NC-17 More R
Summary: Fuji's chatty and feeling pervy. It puts him in an uncomfortable situation and Kaidoh has to remedy it.
Apartment series: Ten Days || Figure || Fortnight || Corrective Measures

So, what did you do today? )
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Mya, ended up writing this in between classes and a little bit during maths since Ambrose was just reviewing the previous night's homework. My wrist hurts now. I shall never type this much in one sitting ever again, especially without taking a break. -sigh- Now, to bed with me. I have to wake up earlier tomorrow and it's going to be a pain.

Title: Surrender Lightly
Rating: Hard R
Fandom: Tenipuri/Prince of Tennis
Couple: Fuji/Kaidoh, mention of Inui/Kaidoh
Summary: Fuji's determined to get Kaidoh as his own.

Take me in, swallow me whole, never let me go... )


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